We offer translation, language editing and proofreading.



  • Between Norwegian and English as well as most European languages
  • Between Norwegian and the languages of major immigrant communities in Norway

Akasie can help you reach an international audience. Our experienced, government-authorised/specialist translators guarantee the quality of your text and help you communicate your message in the best possible way.

Our translators have long experience of working with professional translation of formal documents, administrative texts, academic theses, articles and questionnaires, handbooks and manuals, websites and information material.

We have a team of translators between Norwegian and English who specialise in medical and health sciences. They translate around 250 medical articles per year, primarily for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association (framework contract), but also for universities, university colleges, research institutes and the nursing journal Sykepleien (framework contract).

We also translate academic articles, theses and questionnaires related to different disciplines. Several of our translators are specialists in finance, law, social science, history and natural sciences, and many have relevant education in addition to language education from their home countries. Akasie also translates annual reports, websites and other administrative texts for government agencies and private enterprises.

In addition, we specialise in technical areas such as road, rail and tunnel construction and the automotive industry.

Our translations are always proofread by another experienced translator in the team, as part of a two-stage quality assurance process.

We work with the client during the translation process and after delivery. The work is not completed until the client is happy.






Ask a language expert to give your text a professional touch! In dialogue with the author as necessary, the language consultant will edit wording and style in order to communicate the content clearly and distinctly, in a style adapted to the target group. Our language-editing ranges from academic texts to commercial texts, letters, reports and other administrative documents. The majority of our texts consist of research material (articles adapted for submission to particular journals, theses etc.).

Our language consultants can also provide direct guidance in the writing process to help authors improve their own written composition. We can help with editing of articles, reports and other texts to conform with international style guides, such as the APA, Harvard and Chicago style manuals. Our two main language editors both have research backgrounds, PhDs and experience of academic writing. They live in Norway, understand Norwegian and know the challenges encountered by Norwegian researchers with regard to writing academic English.